NaturalAjax Application with Natural Security Logon

Hi Guys,

How can i develop into Natural Ajax a startup page with login and password fields that make logon into Natural Security?

We are using:

  • Apache Tomcat/8.0.18
  • Natural Ajax 8.3.1
  • Natural One 9.0

Hi Andre,

the default startup page is the NatLogon page in the subfolder cisnatural. The corresponding page layout file is the file cisnatural/xml/NatLogon.xml
Name and location of this file is fixed, but you can customize the NatLogon.xml page to some extent. You must keep the data binding - that is the *prop fields. But you can customize the rendering and styling of the page. You can for instance apply your own stylesheet, rearrange the existing controls and add/modify/remove images and texts.

After modification you need to regenerate the html for the NatLogon page.

If you are using NaturalONE: Startin with version 835 support for developing and packaging custom NatLogon pages has been added. If you have a NatLogon.xml or NatDisconnect.xml in your user interface component, these files will be packaged with the .war file and the corresponding .html will be generated and copied to the correct place in your web application. This means: your own NatLogon page will be used without additional manual deployment steps.

Best Regards,