Ajax Examples

Various examples of Natural for Ajax pages can be found in the Application designer in libraries such as CISDEMOS or NJXDEMOS. Some of the corresponding Natural code may be found under System Libraries such as SYSEXNJX.

Because the names of the Ajax pages and the Natural programs are different, it makes it hard to find the Natural code for the Ajax example. Is there any logic in finding the corresponding Natural Code? Furthermore, most of the Ajax examples seem to be without corresponding Natural code. Is that how it is, or did we miss something in the Ajax installation?

Hi Werner,

cisdemos are demos using PAGE layouts not NATPAGE layouts. This means that the underlying adapters are Java adapters.

njxdemos are demos using NATPAGE layouts with corresponding Natural code.

Application Designer is a product for both: Java and Natural. That’s why there are example projects for both (Java + Natural).

Although the cisdemos are Java examples they are often useful to see how to use specific controls, which properties should be set to achieve specifif rendering and so on.

Best Regards,

Thank you Christine. It makes more sense now.