How can I determine if natural is running under ApplinX?


I would like to know if there is any way to identify in a mainframe using natural code if a natural program is running under a ApplinX session or it is running, by example, under an emulator such EntireConnection.

Natural CICS MAINFRAME 4.2.6 / ApplinX / Entire Connection Terminal


I don’t think this is possible, what would you need to know for ?


Basically the mainframe doesn’t differentiate between these types of clients but there are other ways to check this.

  1. You can track the client IP address which in ApplinX case it will be always the ApplinX server IP
  2. You can use specific range of Device Names (LU’s) when you connect from ApplinX

Hope it helps

I don’t think you can easily get the IP into Natural, but the terminal id / LU name would presumably be available via *INIT-ID.