Applinx Connection Pool time out


we adapt RegOffice with Applinx to screens and set up the Path Procedures.
Created a Connection Pool, which uses the start_up Procedure.
Connect to the session without Connection Pool and using the procedure manually, it works correctly and ends in Menu Screen.

If setting up a Connection Pool to the Session, time out.
Following errors:
Service connection timeout
Trying to access BO while no BO is attached

SOAP UI then ends in the following:
error getting host connection, error code 5053

What am i doing wrong?


is your start_up procedure sending data to the base object? if it is, try unchecking that option - the startup procedure doesn’t need to collect any data.

I’ve checked all steps in the path procedure. None of them has a checked “Send to base object” box.
Oddly it works when connecting without a connection pool and starting the procedure manually at login screen, it sends me to the Menu as it supposed to be.

Hi Mark,

In your start_up procedure, are you using an ExecuteProcedure node?
If you do, then the problem is probably due to missing session. When using an execute procedure node the session is not created for the pool, and is created when used in the black screen.
Please try to debug this by writing the session ID to the log and see if it’s created correctly.
If this is indeed the problem, changing the execute procedure node to an execute path node will solve the problem.

Let us know if this helps.


Unfortunately it didn’t work, iam using an execute Path.
I made a screen for you, maybe this is a little more helpful.
I greyed out the passwords.

Thanks four your help.

are you sure you have no other connections from this server, including interactive? There is a warning there that your license only supports 1 connection.

Yes. I shut down all connections with the help of ApplinX Administrator Tool.
Observed the connection pool in the Administrator. Every time the connection gets broken. Closed all connections, restart the pool and tried again, nothing happened.

Could there be another connection? Otherwise i’ve got no more ideas.

Thank you everyone for your help.
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Sorry for the inconvenience!