Host Services API

Customer requires that Connection Pools be stopped/started at certain times of day, is there any API available to stop/start connection pools?

Yes, you can use the ApplinX administrative web services API.
Please refer to the “ApplinX Server Administration API” section in the ApplinX user guide manual, starts at page #307.

This works quite well! I have exposed the Administrative API to wmIntegrationServer flows and use the IS scheduler to start and stop the connection pool. Another flow does a snapshop of the pool monitoring information every 5 minutes and writes the data out to a log.

We did find it best to let ApplinX suspend the connection pool when the host service (CICS) was unavailable (in spite of the errors logged). The “start service” is run after CICS is scheduled to be back up, minimizing delays when the first request for the pool comes in each morning. However, since the pool is only suspended, if the “start service” did not work (e.g. CICS was late coming up that day or the scheduler was not available at the right time), the first request will still succeed, albeit a bit slowly. If we stopped the service (there is no option to suspend it from the API), then the start service has to run or all requests will fail.

An option to suspend the connection pool(s) from the API would be a useful enhancement.

These sounds like EP suggest to me… :slight_smile:
We will discuss the relevance and urgency of it here.

Please open EP for this issue and it will be implemented.
Thanks again,