Connection problem


Our ApplinX implementation is Java based and we are experiencing sporadic connection problems.

This has been an ongoing (and frustrating) issue that we can’t seem to get our heads around.

I have implemented some code to check the status of the session -> getGXSession(), but need some assistance with reestablishing the connection when it is down, without the user have to login again. I’ve tried gx_attach() and gx_connect with little success.

Code snippet below

GXPathRequest req = new GXPathRequest(“DeleteReserveStock”);
req.addVariable(“CustomerNumber”, getTagsAccesor().getTagContent(“customernumbersearch”));
req.addVariable(“ProductCode”, getTagsAccesor().getTagContent(“currentOrderLineProductCode”));

getGXSession().executePath(req); // FAILS HERE SPORADICALLY

Any assistance would be great.


Hi Andrew,

What kind of failure happens?
If this happens on new connection, you might need to add a wait condition to the first screen as sometimes the host sends a blank screen at the beginning before the first screen and this can cause the path to fail sometimes (timing issues).
There are more scenarios that can cause a path to fail.
Try to debug the path via ApplinX composer or look in the log information or maybe create trace file to follow the session that make this problem.