ApplinX default session availability

I have kept 15 sessions available by default after starting server. But when i try to connect/start emulation session it is not using 1/15 sessions instead it is creating 16th session. it means all 15 sessions are not getting used. is there any way to resolve it ??
Thanks in advance!!

Hi Ahamed,

When you connect/start emulation session you need to “tell” it to use one of the existing connection pool’s connections.
You didn’t specify exactly how you’re starting the emulation session but I assume it’s from the Designer by double clicking the Default (or any custom) session node. In this case you can specify the connection pool to be used in the properties dialog (right-click → properties on the session node) and choose connection pool in the Connectivity type section.

If you’re creating the session from a Flow procedure you should also see a combo box to select a connection pool to use.


Hi Gadi,

Yes, we are connecting through both the ways (through procedure in application and DEFAULT through Designer).
configuring connection pool through designer (right click on default–>properties–>connectivity–>connection pool(Radio Button)) and select connection pool which was defined.

Using Procedure we are calling connection pool in “Create Emulation Session”.

Problem still persists in both scenarios.


We were not able to reproduce the described behaviour.
Please open a Support Issue for this, and make sure to attach the GXAR of the application and GCT with the recording of the connection pool paths.
We’ll continue investigating it thorugh the support channel.