Applinx 9.5 Version when trying to run Procedure "GXUser$UserAlreadyAttachedException"

When trying to run the Procedure in Applinx Version 9.5 we are getting the below exception
“GXUser$UserAlreadyAttachedException: User is already attached”. And when trying to execute the path_procedure it is running successfully and getting the expected result.
We found in Applinx Designer on the left side pane there are N number of sessions opened at the time of server startup only. When tried to close them, we are unable to do it. How to overcome this issue. Are there any settings or Configurations that needs to be changed?

We tried to run the procedure and path_procedure in Debug mode, but the debug controls (Step Into, StepOver F8 and StepReturn F7) were not enabled in Applinx Designer IDE on the top of the screen. Are there any settings to be changed for this?


This seems to be a bug, please open a support request and it will be fixed.