Dynamically change the Natural Param File name in Host Con.

We are using ApplinX on windows to access Natural based apps on HP-UX via Natural Unix (APX) protocol. We have a need to conditionally change the NATPARM in host connection before we invoke the web app. Is it possible to do that? If so, has anybody done it? Any help would be appreciated.

Dal Multani
Office of the Clerk,
U.S. House of Representatives


Currently you can set one parameter file (which holds the NATPARAMs) per ApplinX host connectivity and this cannot be changed dynamically.
Therefore to set different parameters you should create several demons (in natural) with different parameter files and create an ApplinX applications+hosts per deamon. Once the web user will ask to connect, you should set the ApplinX application name which you want him to use, by setting the application configuration in gx_initSessionConfig (GXBasicContext.java)

Here is the needed code:


Hope it helps


Dal - can you explain what you would like to change in the NATPARMs dynamically? This might give other ways to solve your actual problem.

Douglas - we have a separate FUSER and Database for each Congress. At the beginning of each Congress, the the users have the need to go to previous Congress’ FUSER and DB. We are using a different NATPARM for each Congress which points to the corresponding FUSER and UDB. I was wondering if we could override the NATPARM name in the Host Connection of ApplinX by using different URL for each Congress. It seems that we cannot dynamically override the NATPARM. Instead, we have to duplicate the application, one for current Congress and one for previous Congress. We can provide the users with the capability of switching UDB once they are in the application but cannot change the FUSER at that point. I would sincerely appreciate if you can suggest any other workable solution.