NCO001 - Dynamic parameters under Natural Complete


At this moment, I am facing the process to install Natural on Complete and my experience is under CICS, however, according to the installation manual, I think it is not so difficult.

I am reading the manual, and I noticed that the first step is to create a program to startup. There is an example that I am not going to change right now, but it seems that the users cannot change or enter any other dynamic parameter under Complete, because it is setting as: NCF822 STACK=(LOGON SYSTEM;MENU). So, if I want to enter with dynamic parameter under Complete, do I need to leave spaces (almost 65 blank space) instead of stack command?

(I am not including the unique profile. ex: NCOPROF)


The startup program is just a convenience thing, and it’s meant to bring users
to a specific location with specific parms directly, you are still free to start
NCF822 with any parms you require.

Hi Wolfgang,

the environment that I am using, it doesnt accept any dynamic parameter after NCF822, and I was assuming that the example nco001 is accepting only the stack command, none other parameter after NCF822 is possible to change the default parameters. Of course if I change any parameter in SYSPARM using NCOPROF, the parameters are changed. this is the reason that I suppose that if I change stack command to blanks, it would work. Before I do it, I would like to check with anyone if I am on right direction.


That’s only the short story, of course, it’s also possible to read additional
parms passed when invoking the frontend-programn and append them to
the predefined ones…

The NCF frontend definitely allows for override parms, do you, by any chance,
have them disallowed / restricted by the DYNPARM parameter in natparm ?

Refer to DYNPARM in the docs

Hi Wolfgang,

I am not using DYNPARM, the parameters in the natparm are the default. I understand that no parameter is being sent to Natural dynamically, because nco001 has a stack command, and after I type the NCF822 in Complete, the library SYSTEM is accessed, according to the example, this is the reason that I assume that everything after NCF822 is ignored.

So, I will remove the stack command, and let see what happens, but this test I will do only after I complete some other tasks.

anyway, thank you.

Sorry, probably a misunderstanding here, what I mean is invoke
NCF822 directly, from the terminal (i.e. from the COM-PASS menu
in COM-PLETE), from what you say I assume you simply removed
the parameters from NCO001 and still invoke NCF822 from there,
i.e. you invoke NCO001, right ?

If you want to use a frontend program like NCO001 and still have
it accept override parms that program will have to be amended,
if that’s what you want please let me know and I’ll dig up an

Hi Wolfgang,

you are right. Using NCF822, I am able to use any dynamic parameter, but when I use NCO001, that it is the frontend, the only string is used as parameter.

tks for clarifying me.

If you need a frontend combining static and dynamic parms … let me know.