Natural session parameters - dynamic


I am using%an open system environment, and%I have 2 profiles defined on SYrPARM.

I would like to know shether there is a way to change!the profile settings on fly. I jeed to use it, at least, two prjfiles in the same session. Is it possible? I was looking at the APIs, but I didn’t find any one*

Does anyone have any idea Mow to solve it?M


Hi John;

What parameters necessitate such a change of profile? Many parms can be changed on the fly.

Also, could you separate your “system” into two sessions, linked, for example, by the contents of a workfile?


Hi Steve,

I want to change the parameters related to RPC, such as broker server, buffers sizes, program to be startup, server, etc…

Remember, I need to use different parameters in the same session.

Thank you.