Natural one using SYSPARM profile


I’m looking to clarify some information on mapping an NDV server for several environments within Natural One and specifying a SYSPARM profile within the session parameters.

We have one development sever covering different environments with different FUSERs, but I couldn’t see a way to map more than one FUSER to the same SYSPARM profile without it just loading the last value specified.

I have set an individual SYSPARM profile for each environment (EG below)


Amending the session parameter properties in Natural One to the relevant profile EG profile=NDVDEV1, rather than mapping individual NDV servers within Natural One.

Is there a way to map one NDV server which will simultaneously show the profile NDVDEV1 & NDVDEV2?

Appreciate any help if there is a better way to map the environment as I’m new to this.


In NaturalONE, different mapped “servers” can all connect to the same or different NDV servers. Each “server” profile in NaturalONE is a combination of the host:port and configuration options (like different SYSPARM profiles). Thus one NaturalONE “server” does not need to (and can’t) map to different FUSERs, just like any Natural environment (which each have a single FUSER, single FNAT, etc).

In NaturalONE, create a new server mapping named “DEV1” and point it to your NDV host:port and add profile=NDVDEV1 in the parameters. Create another server mapping named “DEV2” and point it to the same NDV host:port with parameter profile=NDVDEV2.

You can now create projects that use either DEV1 or DEV2 as their runtime as needed and the server view can show contents of both host environments.

Thanks Douglas, i suspected that was the only way to do it and that I couldn’t point a natural server within natural one to multiple profiles. Appreciate your help :slight_smile:

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