Several Adabas Environments in NFE

We just installed Natural for Eclipse on our PC’s and I am mapping it to our UNIX environment. We used SPoD before Eclipse and have NDV server running. But when connected to the Server SPod was able to see all three environments we have there - Development, Testing and Production.
When I select a target in Natural for Eclipse it can see only Development environment. Does this mean I have to run 3 NDV to support all three environments?

I appreciate your help.


We also got 3 environments here at our company. Development and Test are two different fuser-directories on one host. Production is on another host. We are running 3 NDV. But of course you can map to it within one SPoD Session.

Maybe your setup is similar. Are your 3 envionments on the same host? Do they have different fuser-directories, or are they just three different libraries?

AFAIK Natural for Eclipse needs another server than SPoD…

We are moving from SPod to Natural for Eclipse. I installed Natural for Eclipse and was using the same NDV that was installed for SPod to connect to Natural.
You say " Natural for Eclipse needs another server than SPoD…"
Do you mean I can not use this one? It has to be different installation?
May be this would explain why I have problems uploading to the server?
(Connection and unload work fine.)

Our setting is similar to yours. We have 3 different fuser directories and current setting for NDV is pointing to Development fuser, that is why I see only Development in Eclipse. I just was puzzled how SPod on the same host using the same NDV running can see all three environments.

Thanks for your help.

Maybe, I’m wrong. It seems that Natural for Eclipse can interact with NDV-Server. So you can use Eclipse in “Natural studio mode”. says:

So you got 3 different parameter modules (one for every environment). This means you got three mappings in your Natural Studio.

For example, my mappings look like this (I’ll leave out production, because it’s on a different host):

Environment Name:    Development
Source User ID:      MATTHIAS
Server:              host1
Port:                3700
Session parameters:  parm=devparm udb=60 etid=$$ lt=0 bpsfi=off

Environment Name:    Test
Source User ID:      MATTHIAS
Server:              host1
Port:                3701
Session parameters:  parm=testparm udb=50 etid=$$ lt=0 bpsfi=off

There are two NDV-Servers running on host1. One is listening to port 3700, the other one to port 3701.
Of course it would be enough to use one NDV-server on host1. Because the different parameter modules can switch between the different fuser-directories.

In Natural studio you have to add every single mapping (regardsless if it connects to different NDVs or not) manually with
Tools > Map > Environment

I don’t know how it works in Natural for Eclipse. But I guess you have to add it the same way.