Architecture of Natural Development Server with Natural on z/OS


We are a z/OS shop and have had license rights to NDV for a while and I wanted to start using it. I know we received NDV files on our Natural tape from SAG distribution in the past, so I was surprised when I got this message from them when I ordered it this time:

We also have licenses for NaturalONE, and I was thinking this would enable developers to switch over to using the Eclipse studio for their Natural development on the mainframe.

Can NDV on Windows serve up mainframe Natural objects to the NaturalONE client users, or does NDV for Windows only serve up Natural stored on LUW platforms? If the latter, it makes no sense why our sales rep would think that would have been useful to us.



Hi Brian,

Bad news. An NDV server can only provide access to its own local Natural Environment so it looks like you’ll need to have a chat with your sales rep. :frowning:

Cheers, Graeme

Graeme is right, you need a license for a server NDV. Please check your licenses,. We also
provide a package including NaturalONE and NDV for usage on a server platform in conjunction
with NaturalONE .
best regards Karlheinz

Thanks Graeme and Karlheinz,

I will contact our sales rep tomorrow. It was a waste of money for NaturalONE and NDV if it is not at all connected to our mainframe Natural environments. We have zero source code off the mainframe and no initiative to begin development on open systems platforms, and he would/should know that.


You’re quite right Brian. In your environment, ONE is not particularly useful without a z/OS NDV server. Hopefully it was just a slip of the fingers when the deal was entered into the SAG license system. :slight_smile:

Might be time to check the product details in contract schedule. :wink:

Cheers, Graeme