Mainframe database access in local mode

A couple of questions about a new installation of NaturalONE:

  1. I have installed NDV912 with Natural 827 on mainframe. The server mode works correctly against a batch NDV server but in local mode I don’t seem to be able to access the mainframe Adabas database (I just get 3148). What have I missed?

  2. Although the NDV server states that version 912 is running when I look at the properties of the Natural server it states NDV version

  3. When starting Designer and with the automatic connection to the NDV server I get an error in ‘Update Job’

An internal error occurred during: “Update Job”.
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Profile not locked due to exception: C:\SoftwareAG\Designer\eclipse\p2\org.eclipse.equinox.p2.engine\profileRegistry\epp.package.jee.profile.lock (Access is denied)

Does not appear to cause any other problems but maybe it does?

  1. In server mode your NATURAL programs run on the Server (aka mainframe or LINUX). Hence they can access the ADABAS databases running there. In LOCAL mode your programs are running on Windows. Software AG does include a Windows version of NATURAL with NATONE (so that syntax checking etc will work). However this means it can only access the databases running on that machine (unless you also have NETWORk, aka ADANET for remote database access).
  2. NDV runs on the server (usually as a background or batch task) and thus is the version of NATURAL installed there. Whereas NATONE version is the version installed on Windows. They can be different, although that could lead to some functionality issues if you try to use 9.1 syntax as the actual compiles and runtime is on server.
  3. ? don’t know.

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