Natural One without Docker

How To connect Natural ONE to ADABAS Z/OS IBM Mainframe without using Docker for Natural?

The commercial licensed version of NaturalONE connects to ADABAS on Z/OS through an instance of a Natural Development Server (NDV) installed on the mainframe (I think) or on a Linux (or maybe Windows) server. This NDV server would be set up by your DBA, Natural support person, or sys admin technical staff.

Sorry I’m not a DBA, just a Natural developer, so any further details from me would be sketchy…

The NDV server needs to be installed in the environment of the Natural runtime. If your Adabas/Natural environment is on the mainframe, then the NDV server needs to run on the mainframe. As the access to NDV from NaturalONE is connecting to a port that the NDV server is listening on, firewall rules have to allow inbound access to the NDV server port number.

If your Natural code issues Adabas calls and you intend to perform unit testing within ONE, using its local runtime, then you will need Entire Net-Work to handle communications with mainframe Adabas. An alternative is to create/modify the code in ONE and then promote it to the mainframe Natural environment for testing. Another alternative is to run a copy of your Adabas database on your local host.

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