Database not visible from Natural

I have a new Red Hat Linux 4 box that has the following products installed: Adabas 5.1.4, Natural 6.2.3 and Predict 4.5.1. Database 1 is up, but I do not see it in showgdt. Some files have been loaded on the database using Adabas Utilities. I can get into Natural but when I try to access Predict I get a NAT3148 - Level 2 - Database 1 is not active or accessible.

Both the DBA who did the installation and the one who should be fixing this are not available, so if somebody has an idea of what is wrong that I can fix I would be most greatful.

I suspect this is an authorization problem, the user trying to contact the database probably isn’t allowed to access the system resources (msgq, semaphores, …) allocated by the db.

Try a utility, something like

ADAOPR db=nn,dis=high

this usually gives you a better indication of why you are unable to reach the database.

We have just rebooted this box. I have logged on as user sag, the user who did the installation. I have started adabas, and the Natural buffer pool, I can run ada utilites - adarep etc. Our Unix guru has checked a few other commands and says we are displaynig semiphores etc.

I can start a Natural session and edit a program. But I still get a NAT3148 when trying either to log onto Predict or reading the employee file.

UDB is 1, FDIC is 1,8.