How to activate the database in Natural in windowa platform

Can anyone help me in the fallowing error message,Since i got installed Natural in Windows.

NAT3148 Database :1: is not active or not accessible

Adabas is not active or not accessible.
The Adabas nucleus was not active or not accessible when the command
was issued.
Start the database or contact your database administrator


From the Start menu or a desktop icon, invoke the DBA Workbench, which you should have installed with Adabas. Highlight the database entry and press Ctrl-S to start it. Ctrl-T will stop it.

Thanks Ralph Zbrog.

I get this error NAT3148 as well but I can’t find the DBA Workbench.

I have downloaded and installed Natural Studio for Windows 6.2.3 and Adabas D version 13.01.07, which has a Control program under Administration, but no DBA Workbench either.

What have I missed here?


Workbench is installed with Adabas C, which is functionally equivalent to Adabas on the mainframe. Adabas C automatically interfaces with Natural for Windows, and you get sample files (EMPLOYEES & VEHICLES) to play with. Adabas C, for Windows, is downloadable from the Forum.

Adabas D is a relational data base, does not have Workbench, and takes more effort to connect to Natural (as an SQL database would).

oh, ok, thanks - downloaded D by mistake