Unable to connect to database on Natural for Windows

I am getting the following error when I try running my program on Natural for Windows.

Database 1 is not active.

Please help

Did you create database 1? The Create Demo Database function defaults to DBID 12.

Did you start database 1? From the Start menu:
Start → Software AG → Start Command Prompt → adabas dbid=1

No I did not start database from the start menu. I don’t know how to

I tried
START → All Programs → Software AG Natural Community Edition → Administration → Adabas 6.4 → START command prompt
I don’t know what to type next to C:\Natural-CE\Adabas> in the command prompt.

If your database number is 1

adabas dbid=1

It gives an error
Cannot read INI data of database 1

This tells me that you haven’t created your database or that when you did, you specified a DBID other than 1 (the default demo DBID is 12).

Try changing your DDM to point to DBID 12 (the default). Then re-run your program.

If that doesn’t work, then create a demo database:

... --> Administration -> Adabas 6.4 --> Create Demo Database

You can specify a DBID of 1, if you like.

How do I change DBID value?

1 In Natural Studio’s Library Workspace (usually on the left), select the Logical View tab at the bottom of the frame.
2 Open the tree for System Library, then SYSEXDDM, then DDMs.
3 Right-click the DDM of your choice, then click Copy. I’ll use EMPLOYEES.
4 Right-click your development library (Local Environment User Libraries → Your-lib), then click Paste.
5 Open the library tree, then open the DDMs node.
6 Double-click the EMPLOYEES object to invoke the DDM editor. A warning will be displayed that database 1 is not active. Click OK to display the DDM.
7 On the menu bar, click DDM, then DDM Header.
8 In the pop-up window, change the Database ID to 12. (The selection box lets you scroll through the list of available databases.) Then press OK.
9 If database 12 is not active, a warning message is displayed; press OK.
10 Close the DDM editor. When prompted to save changes, press YES.