NAT3028 Incorrect descriptor

Hi Everyone,
I just started with Natural one on my computer.
I created a new file and wrote a small program to read the file.I was expecting nothing as the file does not contain anything as yet, but I am getting the following error “NAT3028 Incorrect descriptor”*

Please find attached my DDM and Program

I did catalogue and stow the DDM with no errors.

I did install both the adabas database and the naturalone.

I did create the database 12 in adabas manager.
But I do not see the new file when viewing files in the database???

I also keep one getting an invalid file number when ever I try to add a new file.
I did try from 1 and 2 upto 100.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi Ivan

Have you tried the following:

READ USER-PROFILE /* comment out the rest
of the statement

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Hi Steven,
Thank you for getting back to me, but that results in a 3041 error " Error in format buffer"

Hi Ivan

That was the point; to see what error message results when switching from a READ LOGICAL to a READ PHYSICAL.

The 3028 error indicates that the descriptor field could not be found. The 3041 indicates that the view fields are not valid.

Somehow, despite the steps you took, the file is unknown to Adabas.

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I will try and re-create the file and see if that works

The error message says that the problem is with file 1 of database 12. Your Adabas Manager report shows file 1 to be the Checkpoint file.

Create your file with an unused number (> 3). Then point your DDM to that new file.

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Hi Ralph,

With what utility do you add files to the Database?
Sorry I have not done this before, always been a DBA task.

When adding ddm’s I keep on getting invalid file number even if I use file number 100.

Thank you for the help,

The ADAFDU utility is easy for experienced DBAs, but can be daunting for developers. May I suggest an easier approach: look for the Create Demo Database icon (Start → Software AG). You’ll get the Employees and Vehicles files ready to use.

Specify a DBID different from the Adabas Manager security database (that is, not 12).

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Hi Ralph.

I did ask my DBA, but he only know predict.
You don’t have the steps to a small file, that I can setup myself.

I am busy with project for studies and need to setup a few small files for that.

thank you,