Can not read a field


I’m just starting to meets with the ADABAS and NATURAL.

I have a ADABAS file from a previous programmer. In this file I have a field with name ‘SBPER’.
I can not read this field. I get an error message:

‘NAT3041 Error in format buffer. DB/FNR/subc/field :1:/:2:/:3:/:4:.’

But I can used this field in a constructions of query (example: FIND KADR WITH SBPER = 01)

Here is the information about the field:

Level : 1
Format: N
Length: 2.0
Suppression - N
Descriptor - S

Thanks in advance!

If this is a superdescriptor (descriptor = S) then you cannot read the value. You don’t need to either since a superdescriptor is made up of other existing fields in the file. A superdescriptor can only be used, as you already found out, as a key value to read records.

I suggest you read up on how descriptors and superdescriptors work in Adabas…


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The field name starting “SB” suggests it is actually a SUBdescriptor, but the same applies here, can only be used in a query or HISTOGRAM statement, use the base field in your view, not the descriptor.

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Hi Alexander,

The field is a special descriptor (sub or super). It isn’t actually a physical field but is a descriptor (index) constructed from parts of other field(s) on the record. You can only use the field in search criteria. For any other use, you will need to use the original fields instead. If your DDM has been generated with comments, you will be able to see its component parts or you can run an adarep to display the file’s FDT.



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Thank you all! I get it!