Read Access for ADABAS files

I am new to adabas.
I have 2 super-discriptors for a adabas view.
It gives me differt sets of records when I read the same view with different super-discriptors .
Can anyone why this happens ?
Thanks in advance.

Adabas has a terrific feature which can logically provide a small file from a physically large one. For example, you have a log of your customers’ account activity. Over time the file contains millions of records. Each night you report the day’s activity. Adabas allows you to process a logical file containing only those records not yet reported, perhaps a few hundred, rather than reading millions of records.

This is done by adding a flag to the file which you set to a non-blank character when the record is added. As a record is reported, you update the flag to blank.

A superdescriptor is created to read the file in a specific sequence. This superdescriptor also contains the flag, which is defined as “null suppressed.” Null suppression causes the superdescriptor value to be ignored if the corresponding field contains a null value.

In your example, look closely at the components of your superdescriptors. I expect you to see null suppressed components. If a null-suppressed component contains a blank (zero for numeric fields), the corresponding record is not read.

Thanks A lot Ralph.
I found one field in the Super had null values .
I was able to find it after tracking the ISNs .
Is there any way in which i can view the DDMs for my adabas files.
I use IBM reflection to connect to the mainframes.

Thanks one more time for your earlier reply.

The terminal emulator (Reflection) is of no consequence. What programming language are you using? In Natural this is trivial.

To see a selection list of all files available to you, enter the following on a command line.


This can be abbreviated as


Enter L in the Cmd column for a specific view to see details of the record.