NAT3017 error

Trying to test ADA744 on test LPAR and receive this message trying to run a batch job -

NAT3017 Invalid file number. DB/FNR 227/210. Subcode 5.

The file I’m running against is an Adabas file, FNR 93. There is no FNR 210 in any database we have. I receive the same message running against a VSAM file, FNR 77. What would cause this message to return with incorrect FNR? Most importantly, how do I fix it? Could it be something I missed in the migrate from ADA742 to ADA744?


does the error message point to an application program/line? if so, look there for what DDM is being referenced. If not, check your system file settings (TECH or SYSPROF command) to see if something is being specified incorrectly.

As Douglas suggested, I looked at Tech and Sysprof parameter displays. Everything looks correct. Every batch job I run, whether application based or maintenance based, gives me the message that Fnr 210 is not found. Since it doesn’t exist, that makes sense. But the jobs do not specify Fnr 210. So somewhere there seems to be a parm that tells the system my FUSER file is 210. Correct?

Are you using Natural Security? If so, DBID/FNR’s can be specified in the STEPLIB list also.

The NTTF macro or TF dynamic parameter can be used to translate the DBID and FNR to different numbers.
So, check the JCL which link-edits the Natural Batch nucleus for any NTTF macro definitions with FNR=210