NAT3017 while INPL the FNAT in ADA813/NAT423

During INPL of FNAT file while installing NATURAL-423 in ADABAS-813, error NAT3017…Program INPLLIB…Line no. 2912 occurs. This is true only in ADABAS-813. When the ADABAS nucleus is initialized with ADABAS-812, the same INPL job using same batch nucleus is ok. Moreover, this scenario was tested with NATURAL-422 as well, and same results. So, somehow, when ADABAS session is brought up with ADA813.LOAD dataset, the error occurs. Still investigating the differences in ADA812 and ADA813 load modules.

A definite bug in ADABAS-813 load module “ADALOE”. The SAG-Servline24 has provided a zap for this module. (Document ID: 296426)
Problem is resolved after applying this zap-AU813005