Natural 911 and NAT7069 in SAGLIB.NAT911.JOBS(NATI061)


Anybody received a NAT7069 in the first batch Natural load of the FNAT file ?

NAT7069: Internal LICMAIN error :1:.

Text Internal LICMAIN error :1:.
Explanation : During the check of your product license a severe error has been detected.


INPL is step 5 in the installation procedure, assuming step 2, installing the license file, has been carried out, add a LASTMSG after your INPL to see the full error message.

Hi Wolfgang,

a) I rechecked the LICENSE file processing and the CSECT in the new batch natural nucleus.
b) I think, it’s the additional parameter in Adabas V8 that is currently NOT switched on, that is causing INPL to behave like the Boeing 737 MAX.
The parameter is called :
c) I did add your LASTMSG to the batch natural input but the initial INPL load for the Natural system modules are done with ITERM=ON.

What I am getting back in total is the following :

Possible error : no Natural INPL performed on FNAT file.
Natural error NAT7069 occurred during Natural initialization. Substitutions for
placeholders in message text for NAT7069: UNKNOWN 02010003,
Error message text and description can be found in the Natural System Error
Messages section in the Messages and Codes documentation.
NAT9970 Natural initialization failed due to ITERM=ON.


Just saw on the SYSLOG of the job I got the following message :

NAT7059: CPU-ID :1: assumed as your DR or DR testing environment.

Text CPU-ID … assumed as your DR or DR testing environment.
Explanation The serial number … of your CPU is not defined in your product license. A Disaster Recovery (DR) scenario is assumed.
Action Contact Software AG and request a valid license file for your disaster recovery CPUs.

Summary : I just had a meeting with Mike O’Brien, Patrick Gould and Alex Burggraf on friday the 18th of Dec 2020 and they assured me , all though the current license file looks like a mess, it will work for the mainframe and the distributed products. So, I am going to double check that I am using the correct Software AG license file but I have to be honest with you, I am skeptical about the quality of anything that comes out of the Software AG factory.



I just checked and all the Software AG license code checks have been failing for the last 10 years at this particular site :

STC02242 MLC1005 We assume CPU-ID EACEC as your DR or DR te
STC02242 ADANL7 00035 License check completed
STC02242 ADAN03 00035 ADABAS coming up

Only when I am trying to now install Natural 911, does your license check say :

You are out of luck

Question : What is the point in you shipping me a license file if you do not even know what CPU I am currently using ?


Feedback : I just checked the Software AG contract signed by W. Stanford Smith on the 7/29/2020 and he never even bothered to ask for the current CPU ID of the customer.