Natural Productivity Package error

Good morning from France,

I am trying to install Natural Productivity Package, and have some questions :

  • during Natural 6.1.1 installation, is it necessary to install the Runtime ? If yes, where is the Run61.xml file ? It seems it is not on the CD…

  • After launching Natural, I can open the exemple sources files, ie Hospital / XX001P01, and I can stow it…but if I run it, just after entering “P” or “S” and Enter, an error occurs :

[i]NAT6269 Natural application terminated abnormally.

Natural application terminated abnormally.
The Natural application was terminated abruptly due to a hardware or
software exception (e.g., memory access violation or stack overflow).
If you are running Natural interactively, it is recommended that you
save any changes and restart Natural as soon as possible.
For a resolution of the problem, please contact Software AG support. [/i]

If I don’t enter “P” or “S” on this map, but just hit Enter, a Windows error occurs :

AppName : natural.exe
AppVer :
ModName : natfd.dll
ModVer :
Offset : 000097b2

…then Natural close itself…

The system is :

  • Notebook Acer Aspire 3000 / Mobile AMD Sempron 3000+
  • RAM 512 Mo
  • Integrated Graphic SIS M760GX
  • Windows XP SP2

I tried to install on another system (AMD 2800 / RAM 512 Mo / Win XP Pro SP1), and the same error occurs…

Any ideas ???
Thanks a lot for your help