Resent: Nat 6.1.1 for windows won't install on hp laptop

Hi all,

Adabas 3.1.1 for windows installed ok but Natural install is in error[img] with this message, Help! Anyone out there been thru this?

Some files are marlked to be renamed or deleted at the start of your computer. Since deleting files after restarting your computer can influence this installation, set will stop now!
Please start Software AG Natural 6.1.1 setup again after you have restarted you computer.”

Dont understand this message at all, there is nothing marked for delete.

Try installing directly, rather from the CD’s autoplay set-up.

On the Productivity Package Personal Edition CD, that’s

e:\Software AG\Installation\Natural\setup.exe

This seems to be a standard message with most ADABAS or Natural installs these days.

Reboot your machine before and after the install.