Natural for Windows (installation)

I remember that there was a mandatory sequence when installing Natural for Windows, but can’t remember now :oops:

Can anyone refresh my memory regarding what needs to be installed first?


What’s you Natural-Version?

IIRC Version 6.1.1 doesn’t need a special sequence…

NATURAL by itself ? Or in combination with other products, like ADABAS ?

The free one for Windows

I guess you are referring to the Natural Productivity Pack - Personal Edition CD. The readme file 8) in the root directory of the CD states:

I hope this helps.

Thanks a lot. Will give a try tonight.

I installed Natural and looks ok.
When I tried to install ADABAS, I keep getting this message:

Set up couldn’t write to file:
C:\Program Files\Software AG\Adabas\etc\Adabas.ini
The file may be in use

I tried to Repair it using Control Panel, removing and starting all over.
The message is the same.

Please advise.


Unfortunately adabas.ini is copied to the wrong place during installation, you’ll find it in

C:\Program Files\Software AG\Adabas\Vvrm\BIN\AEO

please copy it over to the etc directory.

Oi Carlos, desculpe por responder fora do t