Natural 2006 Community Edition - Error

Trying to Install the Natural & Adabas 2006 Community Edition, it installs without error but when it gets finished, the install disappear from my programs. It seems like its uninstalling after it installs. I am using Windows XP, I tried on multiple PC’s but no help.

I know the products has been fully tested but something is missing here…Can anyone from SAG help?

Appreciate your help.


BTW: I am ex-SAG.

Very strange, it works for me :slight_smile:

Did you get this with Natural or Adabas or both?

You should also find an installation log under C:\Program Files\Software AG\Adabas or C:\Program Files\Software AG\Natural\6.2 , does this give any further information?

No, there is no log file. In fact, after the install, as i said, it is uninstalling Nat & Ada. No Software AG folder under Program Files.

No clue on whats wrong…during the install i could see the folders getting created and shortcuts getting created on my desktop but during the finishing process, its taking out everything…


Which product did you install, Adabas or Natural?

Anyway, can you please install Adabas and see if you get to the flash screen which asks you if you want to read the latest information (README).

There should also be an installation log under “Documents and Settings<your userid>\Local Settings\Temp”

i am attaching the two log files. Both of them are failing to get installed.
NAT62Inst.log (72.3 KB)

Adabas log file.
ADA5151Inst.log (19.5 KB)