Install issue - Adabas installation or demo database found

I want to install NaturalONE CE but I am getting the “Adabas found” message.

I use to have Adabas Manager and all it’s components on my PC but I un-installed them and rebooted. How do I find the Adabas installation or demo database referred to so I can remove it before continuing with a fresh installation of NaturalONE?


The NaturalONE Community Edition will not install when either Adabas is installed or a Adabas data base can be found on the computer. Please check whether the example data base is still installed on your system. Please look into:

C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\db012\ASSO1.012

If you cannot locate the example DB in the path above search for:

ASSO*.* on your system.

You need to backup the files and delete then.

I did find asso*.* in an unzipped folder on my C: drive which I then deleted BUT I am still getting the same message…

Any other ideas?

Ok, it’s fixed.

For anyone who is interested, there were some registry entries not cleaned up by the uninstall process. I deleted everything in the SoftwareAG folder.