installation is not running

I had download the installation file, extract it and click the Setup file.
i got the window to select the installation letter drive and than a message that
an adabas database was detected on my machine (Adabas Community Edition).
i checked the license agreement and click the OK button.
then nothing happens. the installation is not running !!
i have 1 GB memory and 50 GB of free disk space.
what is the problem ? :frowning:


NaturalONE Community Edition comes with Adabas integrated. To avoid problems with existing Adabas installations and Adabas data bases on your computer the NaturalONE Community Edition installation does not continue. If you do not require the previous installed Adabas community edition, uninstall this product, remove also the data bases created with Adabas comunity edition.
Then you should be able to install NaturalONE Community Edition.


Thank’s for your reply. I have noticed 2 things about installation:

  1. It is must to remove any adabas/natural previous installations.
  2. It is must to put the NaturalONE installation library at the root directory
    before clicking the setup.exe file. e.g. C:\NaturalONE-CE

Now after i successfully installed NaturalONE
I try to run a simple program but it stuck with a sandglass.
It runs on the local natural runtime and my os is win-xp
Thanks in advance for your advice.
program stuck.bmp (1.2 MB)

Yes, we do not support a previous installed adabas with NaturalONE Community Edition.
Yes, the installation path is fixed.

On the screenshot I notice that you get an error in the lower right hand corner claiming that the “Natural Server View” is not available. This is in fact a limitation that applies to the Community Edition. You are not allowed to work on a Natural server.
These limitations apply to the Community Edition of NaturalONE only.

When looking at the navigator view in the screen shot I can see that you successfully created a Natural project and added a first program into the SRC folder. I can see that your program is missing some comment lines in the program header. This is the “Natural Source Header” that is automatically added to the source when you use “New --> Program”.
A second issue to note is that you have saved the Natural program source to the Eclipse workspace, the program name is not marked with an asterisk in the caption of the editor window and also not marked in the navigator view. However in the navigator view you can see a caret and a percent sign added to the program name indicating the program has not been stored in the local FUSER for the embedded Natural runtime. You may choose to right click on the object name in the navigator and perform the “Build Project” task.

For a detailed description including screen shots please refer to the tutorial “How to setup a project” under the url:

Other tutorials are available under:

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