How to Install ADABAS Manager along with Natural 8.3

I have Installed Natural 8.3.(Community Edition) But could not find “Adabas DBA Workbench” as per the instruction sheet. Read that this is no longer available and Adabas Manger should be used. Tried Installing ADABAS (as ADABAS Manger comes along), but its throwing an error " [P1.3.1] Adabas Community Edition can only be installed on a PC without an Adabas Installation."

How do I get over this error ? Is it possible to install Adabas Manager along and point to the adabas db which come with Natural 8.3

Please help !!!


It’s several years later but I’m also having this issue and cannot work my way around it. I initially installed the Natural Community Edition, but like Sindhu says it doesn’t come with the DBA Workbench or the Adabas Manager. Since I couldn’t figure out how to run the demo database without it, I uninstalled Natural and installed Adabas. However, if I try and install Natural Community Edition it won’t let me because Adabas is already installed on this machine. AAAAAA

Hi Joe,

What do you mean by


The NatONE 8.3.5 CE version installs ADABAS and the demo database with files EMPLOYEES and VEHICLES. You should be able to write a Natural program that reads these 2 files after installation. Are you having trouble reading them? What error are you getting?

The NatONE CE installer installs ADABAS as a Windows service and sets it to start automatically at boot up. You can verify that with Windows Services manager or with Windows Task Manager. With the Services manager you can stop the running service or change it to a manual start up if you don’t want it running all the time.

If you do have access to the demo database, what else do you want to use ADABAS Manager for? I agree it would be nice to have to ADABAS Manager available, since every now and then ADABAS gets hung up if NaturalONE is left running long enough, or something goes wrong with a NatONE program. But it just takes a reboot to clear that up. There may also be command line options available to start and stop ADABAS.


I haven’t played with the Community Editions in some time, so my suggestions may not be of much value.

Does the START menu include

  • ADABAS 6.x.y Deactivate Installation
  • ADABAS 6.x.y Activate Installation
  • ADABAS 6.x.y Start Command Prompt

If Adabas is still installed, try the first function (deactivate) before attempting the Natural CE installation. Then you could deactivate the second install and (re-)activate the first. You would want do this if Adabas CE includes Manager and Natural CE does not.

Adabas Manager is a good product, but it can be a bear to install and configure. If you can’t get Manager to work, here are the direct commands to start and stop a database.

  • adabas ###
  • adaopr dbid=### shutdown

These commands won’t execute in a normal shell; they need an Adabas environment. Although this can be invoked manually, it is much easier to click on “ADABAS 6.x.y Start Command Prompt.”

Thank you for replying so quickly guys.

George - I am aware that ADABAS was installed alongside Natural, and indeed I was able to open the SYSEXDDM system library and use this data in my program as per the “First Steps” guide. However, when I ran my program to read the data I got an error message saying that the database wasn’t running. This, coupled with the fact that the guide tells you to open the deprecated DBA Workbench program to start the database, made me think I had to have ADABAS Manager installed.

Ralph - the Start menu does have those items installed. Thank you for letting me know the commands to start and stop a database, I was struggling to find them on my own! If I have any more issues in the future I’ll use them.

I somehow managed to fix my issue yesterday. Initially I installed ADABAS, uninstalled everything but the Client and Manager and then tried to install Natural CE over the top. This still wasn’t working, but after uninstalling everything and just installing Natural CE it started working. Perhaps the service wasn’t running the first time. Your answers make it clearer to me how the ADABAS service co-operates with Natural so thank you for taking the time to reply. My only suggestion to the company would be to update the “First Steps” guide.


Glad to hear a reinstall got it working for you.

Like I said, my Adabas occasionally gets hung up and returns a NAT3148. I’ll have to try Ralph’s stop and start commands next time. Maybe it will save a reboot.

Happy programming!


Perhaps it wasn’t an installation error. Check your DDMs to see if the DBID is non-zero. If so, your demo database must have that same number. If not, Natural will look for database 0, which won’t exist.

You get the most flexibility with DBID 0 in the DDMs. Prior to running your first program of a Natural session, set the UDB parameter to an active DBID.

You can set a default UDB in your Natural parameters via the Natural Configuration utility. Or you can set the UDB within a Natural session via USR1040N. Or invoke USR1040P on the command line.

USR1040P S 12

This will set the UDB to 12.

USR1040P G

will display the current setting.