How to start database? (Natural for Windows Community Edition)


I’ve downloaded and installed “Natural For Windows Community Edition”, but I’m not able to start database in order to use, for instance, VEHICLES, EMPLOYEES, etc.

According to manual “firststeps.pdf” , page 20, I need start database in “Adabas DBA Workbench”. But I can’t find this icon or program.

See attached file (the list of programs that were installed on my laptop!

Please, could you help me? How to start database?


Franco Yamada

firststeps.pdf (1.02 MB)

For me it seems, that you have only installed the Natural part and not Adabas at all.
You need to select during installation both Natural and Adabas and then you would see it.
If you dont find it, use the separate download for Adabas that is also available at the download page
Best regards karlheinz

Mr. karlheinz,

This product “Natural for Windows Comunity Edition” doesn’t show an option to install Natural and/or Adabas.

Do I need install “Adabas Comunity Edition” too?


HI again,
we tried it here again and everything is working fine and we get Adabas with the SAME installation.
Did you have an old installation on your computer ? if yes, first uninstall and try again
best regards karlheinz