installation on windows

hi everybody I have problems with installation Spod version 6.1.1 on win2k,xp… .Open setup.exe start installation files on PCs and then I get warning “Some Files are marked to be renamed or deleted at the next restart of your computer.Since restarting your computer can influence this installation,Setup will stop now! Please start software AG natural 6.1.1 setup again after you have restarted your computer”

But I restart pc ,start installation I get the same above warning again.Uninstall Software AG programs like entire connection 4.1 ,delete registry files Software AG,entire connection,etc…Old registry entires migth give this problem.

I think I have some registry error and/or values obstain from installation natural Spod version6.1.1 program.
The last solution this problem format PC install Operating system again…but many Pc give this problem.I attachNat611Inst.log…

I wait your suggestions.
NAT611Inst.log (2.88 KB)

The problem is probably the registry-entry:
Do a search for this key using regedit and delete it !

It is of course a good idea to check why the pending operation could not be completed, but my experience is that it’s totally unproblematic to do so, if restarting the computer has been done.

I remember the first time I encountered this problem, a printer-driver was set to rename to *.old, but that had already been done at a prior update, so renaming was impossible !

regards Finn

I found solution
files copy itselves into new exist another folder under \2 folder. Copy these .DLL files into original folder and then start installation, doesnt gives the warning.

regards Electron :smiley: