NAT7399: Natural system file information missing.


Even with double check on the definition of the FNAT system file using the natparm utility, I always get this 7399 error when editing the sample HelloWorld

(PUtting a E in front of the HW line in the screen capture hw.bmp)

Any idea what I am missing??

hw.bmp (557 KB)

Does this only happen for this partiular program, but no other(s) ?

Check if the FDIC setting is correct.

There is no FDIC set anywhere…

There are multiple possible reasons for errors like this, e.g.

  • NDV in the picture but no FDIC
  • no write access to the directory in question
  • etc.

I assume you can LIST that program, right ?

What about my other question, do you receive this error for all sources, or only this particular one ?

This is a mistake on my side, I was not using the proper NATPARM… NDVPARM…

Sorry for the noise and the time you spent…

By the way, the error appeared for all programs…

One of the classical reasons, that’s why I asked for FDIC :wink:

No problem, this still can benefit others, so I wouldn’t consider it “noise” !