Adabas start 12 not working


I have download the SAG Natural CE 8.3 and try to do the tutorial , but i have a issue regarding the connexion to the database .

Natural studio work fine, i can create another database but when i try to start the db , i have the text below.

C:\Natural-CE\Adabas>adashow 12

Database ID : 12
Version : (default)
Config. file : C:\ProgramData\Software AG\Adabas\db012\DB012.INI
Status : inactive

C:\Natural-CE\Adabas>adastart 12
%ADASTA-I-STARTUP, Database 12 starting as service
%ADASTA-I-STARTNOPLOG, Database 12 starting with NOPLOG option
%ADASTA-I-WAITING, Waiting for database 12 to come up …



Do i do something wrong or missing ?

In adabas ver 6.3 no problem to activate or desactivate a DB ( i desinstall it before install the Natural CE )

If someone have any idea , it will be great .

Regards .