Natural One 9.1.1 with Natural 8.2.7

Can you utilize the Natural One 9.1.1 editor with Natural 8.2.7 or do you have to upgrade to Natural 9.1.1? I’m trying to figure out how to go about the whole Natural One install.

You can use the NaturalONE 9.1.1 with a Natural for Mainframe 8.2.7 if you have bought licenses for NaturalONE.
But you cannot use the free version NaturalONE version delivered with Natural 9.1.1. together with Natural for Mainframe 8.2.7. This is only possible with Natural 9.1. on the Mainframe
The reason is, that we did a like-kind exchange of the green screen editors which are disabled in Natural for Mainframe 9.1.1 and you get instead NaturalONE 9.1.1 (and the NDV).