Natural Editors

Since Natural 9.1 program/data/map editors are disabled and substituted by the NaturalONE editors. Is it possible to unblock old editors and use both editing mechanisms, i.e. mainframe editors and NaturalONE editors in parallel, depending on the preferences of the end user?

Thanks in advance

We have been doing this for years with Natural mainframe and Natural for Windows. I believe it is also possible with Natural ONE, but it is not recommended by Software AG, and likely frowned upon.

Technically, access to the mainframe editors is controlled by your license key. You would have to make a compelling case with SAG as to why you need a new license key with editor access.

One day soon, the editors will be gone rather than hidden, and even a license key won’t help.

One option may be the “Software AG Editor”, SAG’s ISPF clone. I once heard it would still be available, but I guess no guarantees for the long term.


Thanks Ralph and George for helpful suggestions!

At first I need to ask Software AG for a license key to unlock old editors.

Meanwhile I foound an article by Karlheinz Kronauer „Get ready for Natural 9” at Techcommunity. I’m worried about the following concerned with source transfered from repository to Fuser on mainframe:

„The Natural source code is temporarily saved in the Fuser file and cataloged. After the catalog process is complete, the source code is deleted from Fuser. This avoids possible inconsistencies between the source code in Fuser with the source code in the repository.”

It suggest I can’t use both editors at the same time.

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SAG recommends moving all source code from your mainframe-based FUSER to a server-based source code control system, such as GIT, SVN, or CVS. A rather drastic move, but it gets you into the brave new world of DevOps. If you do this, the mainframe editor won’t be able to reach the source code.

If you implement the “traditional” approach, the official source code remains on the mainframe FUSER and is copied temporarily to your NaturalONE workstation for editing. So, the source is available to both old and new editors.

Great thanks Ralph!
It is I have looked for. Due to some environmental reasons we want to start NAT 9.1 with old and new editors.