Next Prompt

Will programmers still have acesss to the NEXT prompt in Natural to list program source code on the mainframe instead of having to use the Natural One editor?

Have you looked at ONE’s Natural Command Console for Mainframes? Sorry, I don’t know what’s in there because I don’t use ONE connected to a mainframe.

I guess the answer here is yes and no. The Command console does enable you to list sources but it is purely a 3270 console, it does not interact with Eclipse in any way so you are really working in a terminal. But if all you want is the ability to list a source I guess it might do.

edit: reading your comment again maybe this is exactly what your are asking for.

I guess my question is from a programmers point of view. For example our developers can get the Next prompt in our Natural production environment to look at program source code for trouble shooting purposes. They cannot update or stow but they can look at the source to see what files are being accessed or lookup a line number where an error is occurring.

I assume i’ll somehow have to setup multiple Natural One editor connections to our prod, test and dev environments? Each environment will have a different security setup. Prod will only have read access and test will have add/update/delete access. Program changes will then be migrated using N2O.

Yes, we only allow edit/stow in DEV and after that they can only list the code that was migrated. Natural Security provides these features just fine.