Terminal emulator

Has anyone been able to create a session configuration in SESSIONS.XML to take one to the command line of natural?

What we would like to do is to be able to log on and run various natural commands in an emulator session (like one would when logging on on the usual way in a 3270 session for example).

If I do not specify any parm the session logs and and terminates immediately. That makes sense to me since we do not specify what it should do when it has logged on. I have tried using mainmenu etc, but still not able to get a command line session emulated.

Any thoughs?



NWO is to run Natural applications in production.
The Natural NEXT prompt or the Natural Mainmenu, however, is for development. For that reason NWO avoids to get on that level and immediately disconnects as soon as the application ends.

So if you require the NEXT prompt you should review if NWO is the right tool for that task. NFE or NaturalONE are the appripriate tools for developing NJX applications.

Anyway, what you can do is to wrap your task (multiple Natural commands) into an application. That is to have a program that runs as a main program and executes the list of commands using the Natural STACK command.

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When you are running Natural on Unix you can use the following parameter:

This opens the Natural source editor from Unix. You can start and edit programs from there. But this is not an officially supported feature and it is not working well in NJX/NWO mode. As soon as you enter a wrong command, you are kicked out and there is no list command.

If you are running Natural on mainframe, you can enter ‘e’ as Natural application to open a Natural editor with command line prompt.

Thanks for your responses. The edit feature works ok in the MF environment too (thanks Norman).

We were just hoping to have a command line session for the systems programmer to go into to be able to check on various settings in NWO environment. We are not planning on using it for development.



I found a solution for your problem. You can use “stacker” as Natural program. In that case you just get a command line prompt. This works for mainframe Natural only.

Thanks Norman. Is the stacker program the one that comes with Con-nect?

No, STACKER is nothing Mainframe specific. It is just a test program for tests in NWO. The source is:

INPUT 'STACK:' #A(A60) (AD=MIT)   
STACK TOP COMMAND #A              


Hi Klaus,

The code works for what we need.

Thanks for your help.