do not terminate session

I’m looking for a Natural parameter or setting to ignore a TERMINATE statement during testing. The TERMINATE statement is intended for end-users in a Production environment. When I’m testing the application, I want to return to the NEXT prompt when exiting the application instead of ending the session.

I was certain that I had used this before, likely in a Natural for Unix environment, but I can’t find it in any of the Natural for Windows documentation.

Is this just wishful thinking?

If you can determine which environment you’re running in using USR routines (e.g., finding out the DBID/FNR of the FNAT), you could conditionally issue TERMINATE if you’re in production or STOP if you’re not.

I know of no way to override what TERMINATE does with your session.

Or I could remember to use %%. But you get into the habit of pressing PF3 until you’re out, and then its too late. And why change the code if there is this cool feature?

I have a strong recollection of “Wow, this is neat!” Perhaps I’m confusing it with a similar feature, also whose details I can’t recall.

Anyone at Darmstadt HQ know what I’m talking about?