Invoke the Natural Editor from REXX or CLIST

I have a source management system that runs in ISPF. When a user selects a Natural object, I want that user to be in the Natural editor opened with the selected object. I don’t know how to do that and I’ve not found anything via searching. Let’s not have a discussion of the whys and wherefores of what I’m doing. There must be a way to invoke the editor from external code. Thank you in advance.

If it’s possible to pass parameters to your Natural Clist, try



Thanks for your quick response. I don’t have the NAT program in any load library I’m familiar with. There are a number of other modules beginning with NAT. Where does this module reside?


NAT is the name of your TSO Clist, not the Natural executable. It’s not as simple as pointing to a loadlib. Natural expects a parameter list from a PARMLIB plus dynamic customizations. My mainframe client uses REXX code within a Clist to put it all together.

Every shop has a TSO CList for Natural, at least to test their installation. I suggest you look to yours as a starting point.

We are new to ADABAS and Natural. The CLIST I use to start Natural is a slightly modified version of what was shipped. It does some setup and calls NTI827RE passing in MENU=ON. There are a number of other load modules in that load library. I found another piece of REXX code that also invokes Natural. It’s from seventeen years ago. It calls a different module and passes it AUTO=ON,STACK(determined value) plus some other figured out values. The comments say this will start Natural.

I’m looking for documentation on how to invoke Natural from CLIST or REXX. How to get to a particular screen with that invocation. An example would be helpful. Documentation would even be better. Feed a man. Teach a man.


Natural for TSO is documented here:

Within that is a link to the Natural installation procedure.

I finally understand your reference to the STACK command. Pointing me to that manual helped. I’m getting an error when I specify STACK=(LOGON LIBRARY;FIN). I get NAT7008 error message: Parameter LOGON non-existent or not allowed dynamically. I added DYNPARM=ON and NTDYNP OFF. That did not help. The SYSPROG for Natural is away. Is there some way I can get dynamic calls working?

I don’t know if I should ask a new question or continue with this thread. I can now get into Natural from the ISPF application. There were a few bumps in the road. I thank the community for the help I’ve received. The issue now is once I’m finished editing the program and I press PF3, I get the Natural main menu. I press PF3 again and I get the termination message. I’d like not to get either of these. I’ve tried the MENU=OFF command and I got the not allowed dynamically. I tried the DYNPARM but that did not help. Is there a way to suppress these messages?

I added FIN to the command string and that eliminated the main menu. I still get the termination message.

Take a look at the Natural parameter ENDMSG.