Newbie Natural 9.1.1 Unix platform

Hi, I am running an application on an older version of Natural on Unix. We are evaluating using Natural One 9.1.1 on Unix. The performance improvement is excellent. Possibly due to the box as well. However, we are being asked to use Natural One. I am very comfortable with the regular Natural Editor. I am watching videos and trying to understand the value. We only have a few developers and don’t find value to Eclipse platform. Couple questions: how to get around catall? I am used to catall when local/global changes even in dev. I tried the videos/hello world and it told me webio must be set. Can I only maintain objects using Naturalone but must go directly into unix (old school) to execute? Seems that way? Significant learning (deploying and map editor, risk and little reward I feel for an old school Natural editor person)… Suggestions


the local editors on *ix and the mainframe are being phased out, NaturalONE is the replacement.

To make life easier and keep the learning curve a little bit less steep you can still catall directly on Linux,
but you may want to consult the ONE documentation describing the Natural Builder and what it does for you under the covers.

You don’t need to execute on Linux, right-click the program on the server view, you will find “Execute” on the context menu there (this is where parameter WEBIO=ON comes into play).

Cheers - Wolfgang

Thank you very much Wolfgang.