Natural - operating systems

I am studying natural with the natural community (Windows 7).

The Natural has the same learning in all operating systems?

What I learn from the natural in Windows 7 can I use on other operating systems, particularly mainframe?

Yes, the Natural language itself is the same across platforms.

Some things won’t work on the mainframe, like the dialog oriented stuff,
and some things will work differently on platforms, like workfile access,
but basically you will be able to reuse on the mainframe what you learn
on Windows.

Of course the editors are different when you are in a pure 3270 environment,
but when the site uses the Natural Development Server (NDV) you will use
the very same frontend - Natural for Windows - or NaturalONE to access
the mainframe remotely, and develop and test remotely.


Only minor differences
and the difference in the workplace alone.


There are a few more differences to consider:

  1. NATRJE is a remote job entry facility only available on the mainframe
  2. CALL ‘SHCMD’ is only available on open systems
  3. Sort sequences will most likely be different (EBCDIC vs. ASCII)

Best to compare the mainframe and open systems Natural documentation for a complete list of differences

One last consideration: the version of Natural in use by the shop you are working in…


thanks for all the help
natural is actually very easy for those who know Cobol.

and I still need to learn a lot,
And the road is quiet.