Natural Development Server startup error NAT9937 Function=0, RC=9937/16


a) Starting NDV in batch and getting back :

30 12:15:13 00000000
00000000 NDV Error: Error at : Initialize template session
NATURAL session terminated with RC=16
NATURAL FrontEnd error. Function=0, RC=9937/16
NAT9937 Server I/O subtask cannot be started. RC=0000/LOAD.

b) NDVCONFG values :

:# ------------------------------------------------------------------ #:
:# ------------------------------------------------------------------ #:
:# Translation table for remote debugger:
:# Use IPV4 only:
:# Batch Natural to use for NDV:
:HTPMON_PORT = 9576:
:# Initial Natural userid to use:
:# Do not start another TCB for FOCUS change:
:# We do not support Natural < 0090101:
:# Passwords are in UPPER case:
:PORT_NUMBER = 9476:
:# Port number to use for external connections:
:# Client must be defined in Remote system:
:# Ever session starts with this parm:
:# Translate sessions parms to UPPER case:
:# Check every 4 hours for sessions with:
:# Use 3270 terminal emulation (3270/WEBIO):
:# Number of parallel sessions:
:THREAD_SIZE = 4096:
:# Thread size in KB:
:# Should we accept source file in UNICODE ?:
:# TRACE_LEVEL = 15+31:
Server ID = NDVSRV1
NDV Version=91100 PAL Version=51 BuildDate=2018-09-07 Build-r392-p38255
HTPMONITOR starting, Version=91100 BuildDate=2018-09-07

Feedback : We have a KB article out there for this error :


  1. This error is typically caused by using the wrong SVC number being specified in the Adabas link routine. Check the SVC to ensure it is accurate.

  2. If the SVC is accurately specified, then check Job I060, step 8430 (the link of the NDV nucleus) and make sure REUS=RENT is specified to make it reentrant.

Hi Anton,

Did you link the NDV nucleus as REUS=RENT? If not, then you must do this so it can spawn subtasks when using NTASKS>0.

So, with link parms such as this:



// ‘SIZE=(1024K,128K)’),

Hi Kathy,

YEs, it was nor linked as RENT because I had to change the supplied link to support LE . First section in the NDV parameters says, you need to have LE ON for this thing to work but the default provided by Software AH , does not specify LE.

So, i changed the link of the FRONT end to the following :

INCLUDE NATLIB(NATOS) Natural BATCH, must be first include
INCLUDE NATLIB(NATOSL) Support LE Load modules
INCLUDE NATOLIB(NAT2TCP) TCp/IP protocol handler
INCLUDE NATLIB(NATLEOPT) Natural LE Interface Object modules
INCLUDE SMALIB(NATP901B) Generated Parm.Modul
ENTRY LESTART IBM Language (LE) Environment


I have now moved forward to error : NAT9920 Roll server not active

Note: Let me go check if I have batteries in the Roll server.

30 12:42:01 00000000
00000000 NDV Error: Error at:Rollout template
NATURAL session terminated with RC=16
NATURAL FrontEnd error. Function=4, RC=9920/16
NAT9920 Roll server not active. SUBSID=NAT9.
30 12:42:01 00000000
00000000 NDV Error: Error at:Terminate server
NATURAL session terminated with RC=16
NATURAL FrontEnd error. Function=4, RC=9921/16
NAT9921 Server environment not initialized.

Found the following below the KB articles :

Natural Development Server(NDV) 1.1.1 requires that either a roll server be active or that it rolls to main storage. If the roll server
is not active for the appropriate SUBSID, (Subsystem ID under OS/390) then a NAT9920 Roll server not active. SUBSID=:1: message will be received when the server job starts.
To avoid this, either start a roll server under the same SUBSID the NDV server is using or set the
FRONTEND_OPTIONS to 1 in the NDV Configuration file (NDVCONFG created in step 2 Job I009 ,step 8410). This will use main storage as the roll facility rather than the roll server.


Now I am getting :

30 12:57:49 00000000
00000000 NDV Error: Natural Security must be installed for Client impersonation

Summary :
I have a clean set of Natural 9 files on the mainframe (FNAT/FUSER) with no Natural Security loaded. Let me go check the NDV startup options again


Feedback : You can not run NDV without Natural Security

It tried both SECURITY MODES in the NDV startup and I get the same error :


:# Client must be defined in Remote system

30 13:10:38 00000000
00000000 NDV Error: Natural Security must be installed for Client impersonation

Note: Who wrote this thing ? Was this somebody in BULGARIA


Hi Wolfgang,

So, let me get this straight :

I am now being forced to install Natural Security in my Natural 9 mainframe files but I do not have 3270 interface that has been activated by default by Software AG.

I can not start the NDV server because I do not have Natural Security installed , so now I have no interface into my Natural 9 system files . Who thought, this was a good idea ? I think, you guys are out of your mind :


Feedback from the NDV installation manual :

a) Installing the Natural Development Server 9.1.1 for z/OS :

STEP 9 : NDV clients must be defined to Natural Security

The default userid STARGATE must be defined to Natural Security on the mainframe.

Question : How am I suppose to do this without a 3270 interface on the mainframe ? Take your time before answering because somebody decided , this was a great idea


I have absolutely no idea where the idea of “no 3270 interface” stems from, all that’s gone is the “3270” program, data area and map editors.

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Rumour has it that you once wrote your own Natural Security, so that should not be a problem for you?

Hi Brian,

Natural Security system ? Yes, I did but what is more important is, that I “created” a Natural background engine for all the Credit Bureaus in South Africa. It allowed for multiple background tasks in CICS ( As in TCB’s )

It allowed all the retailers and banks in South Africa, to do “credit check” transactions without any human intervention and it was all done with Natural back ground engines running Software Ag’s Natural.

So, what is so significant about this ? Well , this NDV of Software AG is actually trying to do the same thing but whoever created it , has not been working for Software AG for a long time. Looks like they gave it to a junior C++ programmer that did an assembler course, but never actually wrote Assembler in his life.

Where am I with the Natural 9 distribution tape created by “Software AG” in Dec 2020?

Well I installed NSC911 today and then I tried to use the TSO interface they shipped SAGLIB.NTI827.LOAD to create myself a TSO interface for Natural 9 on the mainframe but it came back and said: You using the wrong version of NATPARMS with NATI827…dummie.

Note: I am not giving UP yet because I have an old set of Natural V826 libraries on the machine but YES, I think, I have more chance of getting around some bankrupt Software AG ideas than somebody with a MBA from the University of Phoenix. Just for the record, my son took his University of Phoenix qualification to the local BSU university and he was told, all the credits he received from the University of Phoenix, carries no value in the real world. He still owes the Feds $35,000 for the degree he got from the University of Phoenix. We have to thank Arne Duncan for THAT . ( Just google for that )

Note: Special thanks to Kathy Jackson that wrote me a users guide on how they actually got NDV to work at the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts. Kathy , Software AG owes you BIG time for your commitment to Software AG products.



Unfortunately, Software AG is censoring me and I can not respond to your reply :

Your post was flagged as inappropriate : the community feels it is offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines .

When there is no NTI911 on your tape - order it.


I only have a NTI827.LOAD on tape TA3501. The original request was for ALL the new Software AG software… as in I want it all.

Could we maybe get some names next to WHO created a distribution tape and WHO created the NDV front-end module please ?

Note : If you are proud of what you created for a customer, lets put a name next your creation/production


Just for the record, I have no regrets and am pleased with the knowledge I possess from the courses I took that earned me an MBA (with Technology Management specialty) from the University of Phoenix - Pittsburgh campus from 2002 through 2004. It was a very intense program that required much study and work product in very salient topics one would expect in an MBA program. I wear that badge proudly as do my classmates and study team partners.

Just for the record :

I made NDV NON SWAPPABLE yesterday because it was swapping out all the time .

Maybe should be Step 7B in the NDV installation for zOS manual .

Note: Another observation … I would suggest we have an IVP library per product on the distribution tape. Yes, we now have an IVP section in some of the product manuals but if you receive the JCL with the product, it would save a lot of time.

To Toni Petrov : Why I asked which product somebody is using , is because I thought the specific person is subscribed to the wrong product list and should not even be receiving my postings. I am not trying to sell him any other product.


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