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First time user so apologies if this has already been discussed. Attempting to determine the number of Listener ports required for all our NDV environments, so can a NDV environment point to multiple FUSERs? Will this also apply to the issue of multiple COR configurations for a System Test for example with multiple environments, does this mean we require NDV for each ST environment.

We have a single NDV instance on the mainframe and one on a Windows server. Each handles all environments (FUsers) on its respective platform. When mapping to an environment, you specify a NatParm which defines a set of system files (FNat, FUser, FDic).

Actually, our data center provider maintains several NDVs, one of which is ours. This is to separate costs for each user’s organization.

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Hello. I started with a plan of two mainframe NDV server tasks - one for the DBA sandbox and one to serve all other environments. My experience found that even though I believe everything was properly configured (using reentrant ADALNK, etc), I found the NDV server would abend with 0C1 and 0C4 abends. Analysis of the dump by SAG indicated multiple sessions were running on the same thread causing mutual destruction of save areas. We will have developers with active NatONE sessions in multiple environments. My presumption was that John’s session in UAT conflicted with John’s session in PROD. So to combat that plus better insulate & isolate each environment, I opted for one NDV server per environment. Since then, no further NDV server abends have occurred.

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Hi Andy,

For your batch NDV server, set up one NDV server and multiple SYSPARM profiles which you can specify with your ONE server mapping login credentials via the PROFILE= parm. See if that meets your needs. If not, then build as many NDV servers as you need to meet your needs. Many shops may prefer one NDV server per mainframe Natural environment which programmers are allowed to use debug processes in.

If you are building NDVs for access to a mainframe environment and you use CICS in your mainframe environment, you may want as many NDV servers as you have CICS environments in which Natural is running, as one NDV server implemented with the CICS adapter can only be configured to pass work to a single CICS region.

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