map profile in SPoD ?

i never really though about this, but this morning somebody came with the question how to use our default map profile in SPoD… To my surprise that seems not to be possible. Is there something like reusable map profiles in SPoD ?


Technically speaking, there are no map profiles in SPoD. Technically speaking, there are no maps in SPoD. SPoD provides an environment. It’s a combination of two products: Natural for Windows and Natural Development Server. SPoD allows you to access a remote platform (mainframe, Unix, Linux, Windows) while enjoying all the benefits of Natural Studio, the GUI portion of Natural for Windows.

This question should have been posted under Natural for Windows, not SPoD.

Open a map object while in Natural for Windows. On the menu bar, click Map --> Map profile. There you will find most of the setting that you would expect to see on the MSET screen on the mainframe.

For my opinion it is a SPoD issue.
If you create a new map in a Mainframe environment you can select a map profile. This is because Natural Mainframe supports multiple map profile.
The Natural Studio, however, supports only one standard map profile.

If the Natural Studio would support multiple map profiles it would be possible to load the existing profiles from the server enviroment to present them for selection if a new map is created. And this functionality would allow to share map profiles under all clients working in the same environment (the same NDV server).

So to answer the question: No. it is not possible to share map profiles under SPoD. But it could be implemented if requested thru the C/E processing.

As a workaround you could make a map based on the profile and specify that as a static layoutmap in the “map profile” for the new maps ?

ah yes, that i didn’t think of… i guess that is good enough, although i do think it is a bit strange that you cannot have multiple profiles in SPoD/NAT for Win (pick whichever you like). As if that is no longer important when you are doing your programming on a windows machine ?

thanks all !