Is SPoD is only for Windows platform?

I am very new to SPoD. Now I would be working in SPoD. As I do not know anything about it and just came to know that in my new project SPoD is used.

Can someone give me some high level view of SPoD? Like its usage, features, adventages and if this is only for Windows envirnment?

Also where I can get the a basic document for beginner’s.

SPoD has three components.

  1. A Natural run-time environment where your end-users execute their applications. This could be a mainframe (typically IBM or Siemens running zOS, zVSE, zVM, BS2000/OSD, etc) or an Open Systems platform (Unix/Linux, OpenVMS or Windows). We’ll refer to this environment as the “mainframe.”

  2. Natural Development Server (NDV) running on the same mainframe as above.

  3. A modern, PC-based, integrated development environment (IDE). Two flavors are available: Natural Studio (a component of Natural for Windows) or Natural for Eclipse.

If your developers have Windows-based PCs, then you can choose between Natural for Windows or Natural for Eclipse for your IDE. For non-Windows platforms, you install Natural for Eclipse. (SPoD is not exclusively for Windows.)

The greatest advantage of SPoD is improved developer efficiency and productivity resulting from the replacement of the character-based “green screen” development environment with a modern graphical-based environment. With NDV, the mainframe application (Fuser) is accessible from the IDE.

Several scenarios are possible, but typically you’ll perform your development and testing on the PC platform and use NDV to deploy the application to the mainframe, or you’ll use the IDE to manipulate (develop and test) the application directly on the mainframe.

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Note: NaturalONE dramatically extends the SPoD concept.