Natural Productivity Package

Reposted from user inquiry:

I had receive the natural productivity package for evaluation but i have problems to connect with my mainframe:

  • Did i have to install something on the mainframe ?
  • i have install it on a win xp
  • where do i enter the hostname of my mainframe ?
  • what others informations do i need to browse my natural/predict programs ?

The SPoD client, aka “NATURAL Studio”, requires a counterpart on the mainframe (or midrange) system, the NDV (SPoD) server.

Once the server is up and running one connects to it via

Tools → Map → Environment

this is where the hostname (or IP address) and port number are entered.

You also have to mark “Natural Development Client (SPoD)” when installing Natural Studio on your pc.


You should have Natural Development Server installed on Mainframe/Unix to access thru Natural SPoD. If you dont have NDV Server installed on the server machine, you cant access thru SPoD.