Natural Studio don

I try to connect the mainframe to access the Natural Programs as follows:
Host Name: ‘mainframe IP’
Server Port: ‘port 23’
Environment name: ’ ’

Session parameters:
User ID: ‘user’
Password: ‘pass’

The Problem is the Natural Studio stay in loop and don’t connect the mainframe.
What is the solution for this problem?
Thank you

A very qualified gues is: Wrong Portnumber !!!
Port 23 is the standard Telnet port that you usually use for emulation.

  • so port 23 will answer back - only not what SPOD expects :wink:

In order to use SPOD you need an NDV server running on the MF.
Do you have that already - ask your admin.
If not: Ask your local SAG salesrep :wink:

regards Finn

Thanks. Actually the port 23 is not the correct.
One more question:
Is necessary to install the NDV on the Mainframe to the Natural Studio to access a program from MF?

There are multiple ways of transferring mainframe source code to/from the Windows platform, but Natural Studio is the way to go for maintenance and development, and once you have NDV installed on the mainframe, Natural Studio displays the mainframe libraries in its Library Workspace, so you can work with mainframe objects as though they were local objects: drag-n-drop, delete, edit, check, stow, run, debug, etc.

In other words, install NDV and you can use Natural Studio to maintain applications residing on a mainframe.